Yellow Shirts

Baia Mare, Romania

CS Ştiința Explorări

Baia Mare, Romania


Yellow Shirts Association was established in 2010 from the will to sustain and help the young people to integrate in the community. Today, the organisation is led by young people as professional youth workers, which develop personalized activities for the beneficiaries, with the aim to help them develop in personal and professional terms. We propose activities with various profiles to offer the context to young people to discover new cultures or ways to spend the free time in an enjoyable, yet useful way in different educational environments.

​CS Știința Baia Mare is a sportive club that has branches such as athletics, box, orienteering, rugby, handball, notation and modern pentathlon, taekwondo ITF and volleyball.

The branch for volleyball, ‘Știința Explorări’ has started in 1947 when the volleyball activity starts in Baia Mare with the first city championship.

Despite changing its name several times, the volleyball team manages to win numerous competitions and the internal championship several time, having as well important results at the international level.

Marketing Gate

Skopje, N. Macedonia


Association for research, education and development “Marketing Gate” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded on July 2, 2008. Our founders and members are pupils, students, proeminent businessmen, university and high schools professors.

Our vision is a world without economic borders, where the human rights will be protected and any kind of discrimination will be eliminated.

Our organization’s goals are: promoting friendship among youngsters and cross-border communications, providing knowledge for students and marginalized groups through non-formal education and connecting young people without reference to their nationality, religion, political, economic or social status.


Murcia, Spain

Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia or UCAM is a private foundation in which higher education is offered, researchers are trained and professionals are prepared by means of the generation and transmission of science, technology and culture.

UCAM offers among others, studies at the Faculty of Science and Health with the grade in Physiotherapy, Faculty of Sports with the grade in Physical Activities and Sports.

UCAM has three own teams (UCAM Murcia Club de Baloncesto - basketball, UCAM Murcia Club de Fútbol - football and UCAM Cartagena Tenis de Mesa – table tennis) and sponsors other 18 teams in several sport (table tennis, judo, basketball, volleyball, football, rowing, athletics, handball, swimming, indoor football).



Palermo, Italy

​The Association Giosef - Youth Without Borders, was born in April 1998 to promote active European citizenship and youth mobility. It is engaged in the inclusion and participation of youth in all its forms and at all levels; It aims to create new spaces for youth participation in public life, so that young people themselves are able to provide answers to the needs of new generations; we support the construction of a Europe of solidarity and hospitality, founded on the ideals of democracy, peace, tolerance and acceptance of diversity; It promotes paths of non-formal education and job training in intercultural perspective. These objectives are pursued through the development of intercultural exchanges of young people, voluntary services, seminars, training courses, work placements, actions of active citizenship, twinning between cities, conferences, research and publications, fields of solidarity, cooperation projects and development.


Oeiras, Portugal

ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil is a non-profit youth organisation, founded in 2001 in Oeiras Council, based in Vila Fria (Porto Salvo) and carries out projects that aim the occupation of free time at the same time that gives the chance to young people to promote their active participation by taking part in European youth projects and in local voluntary activities.

We develop its work based in partnership with local Social Care organisations like Foster Homes, Support Centers for People with Disabilities, Senior Daily Centers offering the chance to their target groups to take part in the projects.

We started to develop activities in a local level like sports tournaments, National and International exchanges, Summer Camps, Youth Centre, entertaining and cultural activities, animation of school breaks and as educational support after school for children and young people. Soon, came the challenge to work with seniors and with people with disabilities in Summer Camps, New Year’s Eve, cultural trips and weekend leisure time activities.


Common Sense

Sumgait, Azerbaijan

​"COMMON SENSE"​ Youth Organization was founded by a group of young people as a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization in the city of Sumgait in 2006. The main aims of our organization are: - to deliver the importance of non-formal education in life long learning process; - to make the youth be aware of their civic responsibility and increase active citizenship; - to promote healthy lifestyle and show the consequences of bad habits; - to raise environmental awareness and the significance of ecological protection among the youth; - to advocate for human rights and equality; - to underpin peace building and conflict prevention; - to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship; - to support local schoolchildren and students in their self-development process.


Badalona, Spain

Asociación Mundus- Un mundo a tus pies, with headquarters in the city of Badalona (Barcelona) is an association created by young Catalan people passionate about mobility and exchange, as well as cultural diversity and non-formal development for youngsters.

The Association begins his journey with the goals of implementing projects which facilitate the contact between cultures and with the idea of promoting a more inclusive and egalitarian society, it aims to give opportunities to young Catalans and Europeans to develop themselves, and learn through non-formal education.

Our organisation is mainly working in sending and coordinating EVS, even though we are hosting volunteers from 2015 both in Badalona, in different local organizations and in our office in Zaragoza, spreading the word about Erasmus+ and its brightness the most we can.



Valencia, Spain

ESN is the largest Student's organization in Europe. We share the same Values Europe-wide. ESN Spain has international recognition by its compromise with social projects. We promote mobility, help other NGOs on their duty and help the people of our communities while integrating those Erasmus students who come to our cities.

The values are: unity in diversity, diversity in the unity (we all have different backgrounds, but share one common aim and goal), students helping students (we passionately commit ourselves to volunteering for the benefits of others), fun in friendship and respect (we enjoy relations based on respect), international dimension of the life (we are open-minded, mobile, like to discover and explore, to co-operate and to interact to break borders), love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange (we live and benefit from the cultural richness of Europe to the utmost), openness with tolerance (we understand and accept others and learn from them), cooperation in the integration (we share an holistic view towards internationality).

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