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#10: All you’ve got

The tenth recommendation we have is “All you’ve got”.

A rivalry between two volleyball teams (the Phantoms and the Madonnas) causes a big catastrophe when the two teams collide. A fire destroys Madonna's school (the Phantoms' rival). Having to go to different schools and split up, the three Madonnas Lauren, Katilin, and Becca chose Cathedral High and joined the volleyball team. Tension forms causing the team to lose during a volleyball game because of lack of teamwork. With determination, hard work and cooperation, the Phantoms win the championship.

Why we recommend it: working together to achieve a common goal, leaving aside personal problems while playing, getting the moral support from sports, getting friends, solving inner conflicts in the team, focusing on the game and leave the personal issues for outside the court, fair play.

What did we learn from it?

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