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#16: Attack no. 1 (1969)

Our sixteenth recommendation is the first of a series of anime, which is “Attack no. 1”.

Kozue Ayuhara is a junior in Fujimi Gakuen high school. Her close friends are Midori and Yuri Ishida. All three of them are in Fujimi's volleyball team. One day a call comes telling Kozue that she's been selected as member of the all Japan high school volleyball team. She embarks on the training camp where she meets the star members of the all Japan's team. Going back to the high school she plays the championship.

Kozue must now face the challenges of Jidoin high school which is headed by Kaori Yagisawa and her two younger sisters, and Michiru Sanjo's Kanagawa Jissen high school.

Why we recommend it: based on Japan female team winning the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, friendship on and outside the court, school and practicing sport, daily life of a teenager

Watch the trailer here:

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