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#18: Attacker You (1984)

The eighteenth recommendation we have is “Attacker You”.

Continuing the series, the protagonist is a girl, You Hazuki, who loves playing volleyball and she is 13 years old. She lives with her father in Tokyo along with her younger brother Sunny. Her mom had left when she was quite young. You’s father is a cameraman who has recently returned from Peru. You wants to make it to the national women’s volleyball team and represent her country in the Olympics. The anime follows the life of You as she tries her best to become one of the best volleyball players, all the while trying to win over her crush as well as deal with her arch-rival who joins an opposing professional team.

Why we recommend it: family bonds and support, hard training and work to get to be the best, studying and practicing sports at the same time, daily struggles of youngsters

Watch the trailer here:

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