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#19: Haykuu!! (2014)

Our nineteenth recommendation is “Haykuu!!”.

Unlike the other anime that have been made, “Haikyuu!!” brings up front male volleyball players. The protagonist of the anime is Shouyou Hinata and he revives the volleyball team in his middle school after watching a famous volleyball player “Little Giant” in action. His team is able to work hard and manages to enter into a tournament. But it all goes downhill since they are badly defeated by a team whose strongest player is Tobiyo Kageyama, “King of the court”. This inspires Hinata to work harder in order to surpass Tobiyo, whom he meets again in high school era.

Why we recommend it: fighting to achieve the best results, not giving up when failing, working with teammates to achieve the common goal, daily struggles of youth in school and practicing sports

Watch the trailer here:

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