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20 volleyball movies recommendations

In July we started a series of volleyball movie recommendations and here we are with a list of 10 more movies:

  1. The Iron Hammer (2020)

  2. The Optimists / Optimistene (2014)

  3. The Leap / Duóguàn (2020)

  4. Cloud 9

  5. Impact Point

  6. Attack no. 1 (1969)

  7. Attack on tomorrow (1977)

  8. AttackerYou (1984)

  9. Haykuu!! (2014)

  10. Harukana receives (2018)

That’s it with our recommendations. We hope you enjoyed it and we wish you fun watching them.

#EUvolleyballScience #EUsolidarityCorps #Andreea

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