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3x3 challenge = 3 days x competition, fair-play and surprises

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

This past weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Be You Association for “Be You 3x3 challenge 2019 powered by Meda Park” in the beautiful city of Târgoviște. Another challenging competition I was happy to help out and another challenge for me, as this time I was also in charge of taking pictures. I was one of the photographers walking around the court with the camera trying not to annoy the spectators, to catch the best moments in a finger’s click, a process that I am still learning. I also learned more about 3x3 basketball, also known as streetball or street basketball, this sport is played on only a half court with just one basket and it started in the streets of New York city by the boys who did not have many other opportunities to spend their free time. Former basketball player Richard Kirkland, even says that streetball is more than a game, he says it was a “way to express yourself”. In fact, I might say that this is one of the sports where you witness more determination in the players, apart from the strategy, the fast movements and the team work that is present in any team sports, I would say that to play 3x3 basketball attitude is vital.

In only three days I saw more than 200 matches; took more than 2000 pictures, watched players of all ages, young and elder, professionals and amateurs, as well as wheelchair basketball players and gazed at their amazing moves and perseverance. In between and surprisingly (at least for me) the UK freestylers team (Andrew Wilding, László Puskás and Tarryn Algar) apparently big names in the freestyle world, delighted us with their demonstrations defying gravity and jiggling basketball balls like they were oranges. I was amazed by their talent! All matches condensed in three days, from morning until evening, witnessing all the competitiveness, diversity and joy, the days and went by as fast as the games.

This was a great experience for me to practice sports photography, and I have to thank the Be You Association for letting me do it, and a way to admire the show in a different perspective, that is, through the lens of a camera. I discovered a new city – Târgoviște is very beautiful and played an important role in the past in the history of Romania (go check it out it); I rediscovered a sport that I didn’t know much about and found out I really like it; and once again, met amazing people who made me feel incredibly welcomed, spending time with me, assisting me and even helping me improve my photographic skills. I could not be more grateful.

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