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6 months in this long term adventure called volunteering

It has been six months since I arrived in Baia Mare to participate in a volunteering project within the European Solidarity Corps in the “Yellow Shirts” association. For the first few months I was the only volunteer working in the organization just with my coordinator, and though I felt a bit of envy of the other volunteers who were working together in teams, I enjoyed the challenge of planning and developing the ideas on my own. Not having team members also forced me to communicate more with volunteers from other organizations and socialize more to fit in the environment that was difficult at first, but that I appreciate so much today. I am grateful to have met all the international volunteers, especially the ones who passed through the “Yellow House” (our accommodation) and transformed this place into a cheerful, cozy and super-friendly habitat. When I think about my six months here I think of a lot of people. People that I met when traveling to other cities - the local volunteers, hostel hosts and other travelers; and the people that I met during my stay in Baia Mare - my flat mates, the international volunteers, the coordinators and the local community.

Meeting new people has been one of the highlights of my experience here, as I feel I have learned so much from them and with them, during activities for projects, team building games, planning events, sharing good moments, overcoming difficulties together and celebrating what is worth it. In a way and this may sound very philosophical, I believe that finding good people helps us to find ourselves. I strongly recommend a volunteering project abroad to anybody who is willing to leave their comfort zone. This experience can help you find some answers about yourself and what you really love to do. Also gives you more competences for work and for life in the future, communicating, coordinating, taking pictures is just some of the many skills you can acquire, and all while living in a multicultural environment.

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