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Activenoon 2 in 1 afternoon volley-basket event

This was a first event that my room mate and I participate to creating it. Since arriving to the city, I had not taken part in preparing any event of our organization. Due to the connection of the event with sport, it seemed so interesting to create it. Let’s explain everything word by word.

To begin with, before creating the event we discussed about the activities. We decided to create 2 activities that would be based on my ideas. Correspondingly, other activities were based on our team members’ ideas to create a creative event. If the event is about sports there should be fresh fruits or juices. Thus, after the discussion about activities we went to buy some fruits and nuts.

Regarding the creation of the courts for volleyball and basketball, we set off to the event place an hour before. We took with ourselves volleyball and basketball balls, drinkable water, cups and rope. We separated the court in 2 where on one half was to play volleyball and on the other basketball. Besides, we had a photo camera to take captivating photos from the event.

In the beginning we had an energizer: saying the participants’ name, we passed the ball to each other and warmed up. Then we played a game of basketball called 21 points, which are the ones who get 21 points win the game. On the other part of the court people were playing volleyball and were fun for everyone.

When participants were tired they were taking some break and eating fruit to refresh their energy.

In the end we had a volleyball game where, when the opponent was scoring, your team was losing its team members.

When we finished the event, we got some feedback from participants that it was so fun and they enjoyed a lot. In the future we are planning to create more such awesome events to inspire people to such kind of sports and activities.

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