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Adjustments and settling in


I woke up couple of times during the night and my sleep was quite restless. I was still tired in the morning, perhaps due to the poor sleep or just because I was way too tired or simply because my mind started processing the new adjustments that needed to be done. I got up and looked around.

The room I got was not that small, yet the way the furniture was put in the middle of the room made it look like a labyrinth with no places anywhere. I moved my bed next to the window replacing the desk from there. I moved the desk next to the other wall and suddenly the center of the room got bigger. Looks like more light can come inside now.

Taking the clothes out of the luggage took in fact more than it took me to pack them, yet by noon I was already finished with those. Vio cooked peas with meat for us and we ate, sat down and talked about her past days here. The activity at the university it is to start only the next day with a meeting in the afternoon and until then we were free to just settle in.

I had to sleep a bit as I was feeling just too tired. It was already close to 5 when I woke up and we decided to go for a little walk-shopping. We went first to some shops around the house then went a bit further.

I lived abroad before but in a place that was way too familiar for me. Now is the moment I realized volunteers coming to Baia Mare feel quite disorientated in the beginning without knowing what brand to buy or being confused with the prices of the food. It took us a while as well to check more brands and product before we actually bought them. We started noting down the supermarkets, frutas y verduras (fruits and vegetables) or ferreteria (universal house hold items) that we have around, their prices for the same products and the distance to the house.

We came home, cooked dinner and chatted more. I wanted to go to the beach for the weekend and we decided to go to San Javier, a small place at the see side, Mar Menor actually (a part of the sea enclosed by a thin stripe of land that looks like a lake). We reserved our places with Bla Bla car having found a nice offer from Javier. Yay! We're going to San Javier with Javier on Saturday!

I have to say it has been a while since I just had so much time for myself and I enjoyed it. I was still feeling a bit "guilty" as I had some things to work on for the home projects, yet I enjoyed my first day in Murcia fully.

I'm still not fully aware about my purpose here. Perhaps because I'm a bit afraid about the outcomes of my thoughts when I'll realize for good that I will be away for 1 year from everything that was familiar to me so far.

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