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After match: Știința Explorări - CSM Câmpia Turzii

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Știința Explorări - CSM Câmpia Turzii: 3-1 (22-25, 25-16, 25-14, 25-20)

With only 2 steps before the championship will finish, Știința marks safe the 8th position in A1 Division. The team won the home match in the 7-10 group, with 3-1, at the end of game that had spectacular passes as well.

With a unsure receiving in the first set, the team lost to 22 the first set. Once Csaba Nagy and Robert Țuțea enter the field, the game evolved better. The man of the match was certainly Vasile Talpă, who managed to score 17 points (81% attack efficiency).

The next match is to happen on Wednesday, against Unirea Dej.

Marius Botea (head coach of Știința Explorări) declared that ” I think we had a good game today and, the most important thing, we obtain a 3-points victory. The match with Unirea Dej is always open to any result.”

The captain, Dragoș Răileanu, mentioned that ”Câmpia Turzii managed very good in this championship, yet in the end we managed to be on a higher position than them. The 8th place I think itțs very good for us given the problems the club has. With Unirea Dej there will be no pressure and we hope to have a great match.”

The photo gallery can be found here.

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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