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After match: Știința Explorări - Unirea Dej

Știința Explorări - Unirea Dej: 3-2 (14, -16, -20, 22, 9)

Științ Explorări said goodbye to the supporters in this season with a victory. Even without a steak, the match with Unirea Dej respected the traditional disputed confrontation between the two old rivals. Many errors have been made by both sides, yet the game had spectacular passes too. The Baia Mare team earned fairly as having fought until the last ball.

Marius Dascălu (main coach of Unirea Dej): ”It was a very beautiful match, with many upturns. We lead with 2-1, but in the 4th set, which was the one more disputed, we couldn't impose ourselves and so we ended up in the decisive set, which eventually we lost. Even if the result was not important, the big egos between the two teams were obvious".

Marius Botea (head coach Știința Explorări): "The game was very disputed against a team better than ours. Although we are close to the end of the championship, our players were in the game and I think this is the secret of victory".

The photo gallery can be found here.

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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