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After match: Steaua Bucharest - Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare

Steaua Bucharest - Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare 3-1 (-21, 16, 20, 16)

Steaua: Dumitru 3 p (an ace, a block), N. Nudge 11 p (2 blocks), Iftime 9 p (one ace, 2 blocks), Matthew 14 p (one ace, one block), Ocunschi 7 p (2 blocks ), Peta 7 p (2 blocks), Gavriz (libero). They played: Bazaliuc 1 p, Bontea 9 p, Muscine. Coach Silviu Oancea

Explorari: Raileanu 2 p, Aldea 5 p (2 aces), S. Dragomir 4 p (one as), Cheaga13 p (one block, one ace), Silvasan-Pasca 6 p (one ace, 3 blocks), Tutea 13 p (one block), Crisan (Libero) They played before; M Talpa 1 p, CatrinA1 p, Zhelyazkov 2 p, Badea. Coaches: Marius Botea and Gheorghe Socaciu

The game was held in Zalau. On Sunday, December 6 (14.00), the Stiinta Explorari will meet, also in Zalau, the CSU Brasov team.

photo: Sport Club Municipal Zalau Facebook

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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