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After match: Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare - CS UV Timisoara

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The first game at home played by Stiinta Explorari this season has also brought the first win. The start of the game was uptight from both teams. Timisoara strived to demonstrate that the set taken from Zalau in the first phase was not a coincidence and partly succeeded. Guests led with 17-16, after which Stiinta made three consecutive points and took the lead for good. At the end of the set, Raileanu's services and David's attacks made a difference (25-20).

In the second act, the balance was maintained until its midway, after which Explorari blocked many balls and imposed itself smoothly (25-18).

Third set was without history (25-12).

Marius Botea (Stiinta Explorari Coach): ′′It was a match we had to win and we did this, even though we were a little nervous in the first set. If we had managed to transfer a opposite, our game in this championship would have looked so much better."

Dragos Raileanu (Captain of Stiinta Explorari): ′′In the first set we had some problems, but we mobilized and, without pushing too hard, we imposed ourselves in minimum sets".

Sorin Schiesz (CS UV Timisoara Coach): ′′For us there were two ′′matches′′ today. We played well the first set and half of the second. Then Baia Mare showed its value, and the youth of our players said their words′′.

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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