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After match: Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare- CSM Campia Turzii

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Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare- CSM Campia Turzii 3-0 (17, 20, 15)

Stiinta Explorari has achieved the second consecutive victory this year during stage 12 of the A1 Division of Men's Volleyball. The game was authoritatively dominated by the boys, who finished the game with four volleyball players under 23 in the field (Andrei Butnaru, Andrei Crisan, Alexandru Dragomir and Mihnea Talpa).

Marius Ciortea (CSM Campia Turzii coach): ′′I am proud of my boys after this game, even though we lost. We have so many injured and we are now counting on only nine players. We need to improvise and this shows in the field. Its hard but we won't give in and fight to the end".

Marius Botea (Baia Mare Stiinta Explorari Coach): "We finally got a clear victory over a team decimated by all kinds of problems. It was an expected result, but qw worked for it. I hope we will continue to make good matches in front of the first place teams, even if we have serious team problems".

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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