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After match: Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare- VM Zalau

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Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare- VM Zalau 2-3 (24, 24,-25,-18,-11)

Stiinta Explorari dropped a three-set victory over VM Zalau vice champion. In the game played last night in stage 16 of the A1 Division of Men's Volleyball, the boys led 2-0 to sets and 21-17 in set 3, but failed to concrete their advantage.

The best from the hosts were the young men Andrei Butnaru and Andrei Crisan. The last one evolved as n opposite, in the absence of Hungarian Csanad David. The main athlete of the guest victory was Rogerio Mineiro, who started the match as extreme, but from the 3rd set he played as opposite instead of Gabriel Cherbeleata.

Bogdan Tanase (VM Zalau coach): ′′The bullet passed next our ear. Can't be content with the game we are playing lately. Our completion is imprecise and this cost us defeat in Cluj and another point lost with Explorari. It was a balanced match and I congratulate the young people from Explorari for how they played and gifted themselves. I had to make more changes in this game until I found the winning formula".

Andrei Butnaru (Stiinta Explorari): ′′The match was very nice and won the team that was less wrong. Csanad David's absence was seen, even though his replacement, Andrei Crisan, played very well. Happy with my game, six jams sounds good for a center".

Marius Botea (Stiinta Explorari Coach): ′′Even though the first sets were extremely echoed, I can say that we dropped a 3-0 victory over a very good team. At the score of 21-17 in set 3 we made many mistakes in the attack and there the fate of the match changed".

Dragos Raileanu (Captain Stiinta Explorari): ′′We have to settle for this point. The experience and the superior value of the opponents mattered in the end. Zalau has in the lot very well paid players, who finally made their mark on the game. It was a very balanced match".

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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