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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Romania is the first European country that I visited by getting a visa. I have been to Russia, Turkey, and Georgia so far, however, being neighbor with those countries allowed me to visit without visa. Till arriving to Cluj-Napoca city I was thinking how it is going to be. What kind of surprises I am going to be faced with. So here we are. Though I had a tiring connecting flight, I was delighted after arriving in Cluj-Napoca city.

First impression about Cluj-Napoca

Despite the fact that I was too sleepless, I was feeling cheerful, moreover, I was so excited. Everything was seeming new to me. Before coming to Romania I had got some information about its people. What I had read on internet was right. There had written that Romanian people are so affectionate, sociable, talkative. After leaving the airport I did know how to go to Baia Mare, but did not have any internet connection to check the bus schedule. I approached a man and he explained everything with patience and showed me when next bus could past nearby station. Having such an awesome conversation with a person did not allow me to feel strange in this country. After 10 minutes bus came and I got on the bus. The bus had comfortable seats and I was so relaxed. The thing that I most liked was asking to charge my phone on the bus and not being refused by driver. The bus driver was the second person who behaved kindly with me. Here some photos I would like to share while having a bus trip.

First impression about Baia Mare

So, after 3 hours I arrived in Baia Mare. I was not expecting someone would meet me at the bus station. Thanks to our coordinator’s mom for doing that. Being a tiny and mountainous city reminded me of my father’s homeland (Sheki city in Azerbaijan), thus, that was the second time I did not feel myself stranger in the country. I thought just people’s conversation (which İ am not acquainted with) and name of markets or restaurants had been changed. As we set off from bus station to the apartment, I was thinking what kind of people I was going to live with, how they are etc. What happened was, after 15 minutes we arrive to the apartment. Meanwhile, it could be mentioned that having a church next to an apartment grew weird feelings inside me. After 26 years of hearing “Azan” (the sound is sung every morning and every night from Mosque ) then directly altering it to bell sound of church made me feel interesting feelings. As a tolerant person I respect all religions and in my opinion to know something from every religion could enlarge my worldview. Above all, I was born in multicultural country, so I was taught to respect all religions and all nationalities that our country has. Here certain photos from our apartment, and flat.

So, the first time I would live with people from other nationalities long time. Embracement, excitement, happiness was mixing to each other. As I entered to flat, firstly my Turkish flatmate met me and explained everything word by word about flat. Correspondingly, I met with my other flatmates. I was so lucky because of having such awesome, reliable, friendly, sociable flatmates. After 2 hours I met other Turkish boys who were not living in our flat, but they were so friendly as well. I had not been sleeping for 27 hours, I needed to rest. I felt as if, my eyes were burning from tiredness. Though going to the event offered by my flatmates, I did not have any strength, so I took a nap.

In the morning on the schedule, I had city tour so as to know the city very well. My flatmate Alexandra took me to the interesting places of the city and for just memory from the arrival time I had some photos taken there.

In conclusion, my first impression about country and city is splendid and people’s behavior is great towards other nationalities.

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