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Bienvenidos in Murcia

On a first glance the city may not look like it has many things to offer to a tourist. Step by step though you discover little things that enchant your view and take you through its history. I’m not going to present you everything in this article, but rather the little aspects that I found delightful in my night walks.

Gran Via Alfonso X el Sabio or simply Gran via, is one of the main pedestrian streets Murcia has. It takes you straight to the old quarter through a curtain of trees and lights that reflect themselves along the paved street.

In Plaza Santo Domingo I discovered a passage that leads to Plaza Julian Romea. I found it mysterious as the lights swallow the vault-alike ceiling.

At its end stands magnificent over-viewing the square, the Teatro Romea. Hard not to notice it, as the building is abundant in lights that blend with its pink façade.

Back in the Plaza Santo Domingo we find the homonym church with a bell tower. The lights make it seem tall and scary from the bottom, yet it blends in perfectly while viewing it from further distance, with Granvia way ahead.

Granvia continues further towards the cathedral with Calle Traperia. The street is filled on both sides with shops of all types, cafes and pubs. You can feel the Spanish atmosphere in the air, not only through the alluringly flavours tempting you to have a sit at one of the terraces along the way, but also through the laughs and loud enjoyment of the Spaniards.

Reaching the cathedral you realise why it is said to have the second tallest tower from Spain, after the one from Sevilla. It is huge and imposing together with its buildings lays hands on the plazas surrounding it. But the cathedral is another story, for another time.

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