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Colors of Baia Mare

My name is Ana Luisa D’Orazio. I’m half Italian and half Venezuelan. I’m 24 years old. I’m a journalist but I’m in Baia Mare as a volunteer at Yellow Shirt Association. My passion is the sports world, football, basket and surf being my favourite ones. Other passions and hobbies of mine are to travel and see new things, cultures and met a lot of people. Also, photography is the new hobby then I start to do now, and what I keep learning.

“Colors of Baia Mare” is the point of view of this beautiful city after quarantine. Colors because when I just arrived in Romania it was still winter, and when finally I could go out again (after quarantine) all the colors of the city have changed. All the pictures have colors coming from flowers, sky or architecture. Also the photos are the view of that moment when finally the people can go out and see the important and touristic places from Baia Mare. Every photo has the own title and the own color to identify.

Enjoy the colors and the sensation of being free again...

You can check the album here

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