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Dali’s path

Our next stop: Figueres, home of the great Dali.

The museum was our first objective, yet as they were many people already at the queue, we decide to have a stroll around. The town is smaller than 50.000 inhabitants and perhaps that is what makes it different. Sculptures, parks, Dali’s work here and there.

We decide to climb to the fortress, or Castillo de San Fernando. This place played an important and strategic role throughout its history being very close to the border with France. Constructed in the 18th Century with a pentagonal plan has one of the most complex outside fortifications.

The way up to there and around it it’s really easy to follow. It was still not open when we got there, yet we could have a walk around it. It had a capacity of 6,000 men so you can just imagine its hugeness. It took us roughly 1 hour to go round but it worth the time. Many people are using it as a walking path, running or going out with their dogs. My favourite part though was the view of the Pyrenees Mountains with snow up on the peaks. This fort looked much better than the one in Barcelona and I have to admit that I was sad for not having enough time to visit the inside also.

The old centre is quite small, having as main pillar the church of San Pedro, in its Gothic style with contra forts that gives it the look of a fort. The rest goes in the same line like the other places I visited: narrow cobbled streets, 1-2 floor houses, cafes and pubs along.

Here, so up north, in a small place, the great Salavdor Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, shortly and mostly known as Salvador Dali, was born. Like the multitalented artist he was, you can find his works as painter, sculptor, engraver, set designer and writer. Many of his works can be found not only around his hometown, but also in the museum dedicated to his work.

The museum’s building itself “betrays” what’s inside, the strength of colours or the shape is just the first clue that Dali’s museum is here. The insight hosts plenty of work of many eras and styles of creation, including as well works of other authors.

The whole experience was something different due to the many faces of Dali’s work. Although most of his works are surrealist, there are many others that make you think a bit deeper.

North of Spain remains an area that to me seems way different from the South and worth visiting, yet now it is time to say goodbye to Catalunya and prepare for Aragón capital, Zaragoza.

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