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Dancing in the Romanian style

24th of June! What a wonderful day! Being in Spain, I decided to spread the Romanian joy and culture by presenting some dances. I had in mind hora, sarba and maybe ciuleandra. I searched for songs and even downloaded geampara and other styles, just in case. I wanted to be prepared for everything.

11 eleven people came, and I was happy to discover that one of them was Romanian. We started slowly with hora, and then, when I showed them Ciuleandra, they were amazed. They adored it! I tried to show them some steps of sarba, but no, they couldn't focus anymore. They only wanted to dance ciuleandra. And, to be honest, I also loved it. So, we were all there dancing happily in the park. I was using the break to tell them about the Romanian Blouse and some of our traditions.

Luckily, we've recorded our lovely moments, so you can also watch our dance. Be prepared for Ciuleandra!


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