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Discovering the North of Spain: Basque Country

Bilbao was the last stop on my trip. I arrived there very late, at around 11 pm and it was so difficult to find the way out from that bus station. It was huge! They even had a subway.

There were so many people walking in so many directions that I didn’t even know who should I follow to get out. I felt like a lost mouse in a labyrinth.

Also, while feeling so misplaced, I had my first contact with Euskara, the Basque language. I started looking around and trying to figure out whether I am still in Spain or not. The bus trip from Santander took only 1h and a half, so I couldn’t go too far (haha). `Exit` used to be `Salida`, but now it was `Irteera`. Really strange! `Well, I have to get used to it`, I thought.

After around 30 tiring minutes, I found the way out and headed to my accommodation. For the first time, I booked a bed in a hostel. I was just too tired and wanted to go home. I love travelling, but at some point, it can drain you. Especially, when you travel as I did, spending only a day or a maximum of two days in each place. So, I really needed a good bed. Yet, I discovered that a hostel is not the best option if you want to sleep. My roomies had a snoring competition and I couldn`t join them, so I was tossing and turning all night. Also, I woke up very early because of my plane departure at 12 am. I also wanted to visit as much as I could, even though museums and stores were still closed.

I lived right on the other side of the famous Guggenheim Museum, which is considered the gateway to the Basque cultural universe.

Me and the museum

`La Salve` Bridge

The urban and modern landscape of Bilbao is crossed by the Nervión river and beautifully bridges have been designed in order to facilitate the passage from one side to the other. The one that I liked the most was `La Salve` Bridge. It was special because, apparently, it was the first one to be built with the cable-stayed system in Spain, and also one of the few with a steel deck.

Even though I wished to get to discover the rural side of Biscaya, I couldn’t because of the lack of time. But I know I will return one day to explore more.

There is still a lot to be seen in Basque Country!

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