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Discovering the surroundings: Cabo de Palos

A friend told me about a charming little town that deserves a visit: Cabo de Palos, a coastal town located in Murcia. For many centuries, it was an important fishing port and, also, a military surveillance point of strategic importance.

Being a small town on the coast, Cabo de Palos doesn’t have too many inhabitants. Still, the number of tourists is very high, especially during the summer. Many of them are attracted by the numerous dive centres in the area. What makes this place so famous and unique to underwater exploration enthusiasts is not just the marine fauna, but the wrecks.

However, we did not go to explore the depths of the Mediterranean Sea but the shores of Cabo de Palos. What really drew our attention was the imposing lighthouse which was visible from wherever we were. They built it in 1865 due to a large number of wrecks.

The coastal walk was incredible. The waves were constantly crashing into the rocks, providing a spectacular performance.

We didn’t have enough time for a bath in the sea, so we just admired it from afar. Cabo de Palos has many small beaches, Cala Reona, Cala Tunisia, Cala Flores, Cala Mayor, Cala Galera and Cala del Muerto being among the most famous.

In terms of cuisine, you can find fish in most dishes. 'Caldero' is very typical of Cabo de Palos. Still, I wanted to try the seafood soup. And I didn't regret it. It was super delicious. I loved it.

Cabo de Palos, I think I will return to explore your sea. Wait for me!

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