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The project and its outputs were shared with all the local offices of the Giosef Italy network.

Our network is made up of 8 local offices, in each local office there are an average of 40 members.

We presented the project and the guides produced during the general assembly of the members. The assembly was held online due to covid-19 restrictions on November 27, 2020.

We made the two guides available to all associates, in electronic format, and asked them to support the headquarters by disseminating the materials in the area of ​​competence of each local office. We this reached 334 volunteers, staff and members of Giosef all around Italy.

To reach more users we have built a multi-channel online dissemination strategy.

The first step was to insert on our site a page dedicated to the project (www.giosef.it/volleyball-is-not-rocket-science-we-are/), where we have inserted two links from which to download the guides.

We have also included a blog article about the project on our website. Inside the article you will find links to consult the online guides of the Italian version: www.giosef.it/2020/10/22/volleyball-is-not-rocket-science-we-are/

Then we shared the results on our social media channels. On the Giosef Italy Linkedin company page, on Facebook and Instagram. We have profiled users by interests and locations. The chosen interests were: volleyball, volleyball team management, volleyball team communication manager.

The data show us a much higher percentage of men than that of women involved in this sector.

Users are divided fairly evenly across the Italian territory, with a higher percentage in the northern regions (Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany).

The last step was to send a newsletter to email contacts of Italian volleyball sports associations. The contacts to whom the e-mail was sent were 77, including small ASDs and important national associations. : Newsletter

From the report of the software used to send the newsletter, we noticed many clicks on the link to the guides in Italian by sports associations in northern Italy.

We have thus reached 1260 people (students, federation members, sport club members, athletes, coaches, other type of staff, volunteers), including 77 sport clubs and federations in Italy.

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