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English-Spanish Tandem: spring celebrations

Giada is still away so this week as well it was me who lead the workshop of English-Spanish Tandem at Libreria Traperos.

Spring season has come and it is a sufficient reason to choose this topic for a language exchange as we have people coming from all over the world. And this is how I found out about Japan or USA not having any particular celebrations for spring (except the cherry flower festival all over Japan), while Ireland has kept lots of Celtic traditions.

When it comes to Spain, as we generally have a lot of locals joining us, we discussed a lot about Semana Santa for Easter, Bando de la Huerta and Entiero de la Sardina, the celebrations right after Easter, about which I will write an article in the close future.

This week’s meeting was more relaxed and besides the proposed topic, people started to interact and talk about various other subjects as well.

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