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For a while I was following the page of Voley Murcia with the hope to synchronize my weekends with their matches. I was missing the excitement of taking sport photos was giving me and the game atmosphere itself.

I grabbed my camera and my scooter and off I was to Pabellon Municipal Espinardo on a sunny, but chilly Saturday morning (yes, I even set the alarm to wake up way earlier for my normal routine!). I have to say that I was unpleasantly surprised that there weren’t many people at the match, mostly parents and other players, because it reminded me of the situation back home where volleyball is not so much appreciated anymore from the spectators’ side. I wish people would see other sports as entertainment as well. No offense for football fans, I also like watching it, but then I follow more sports to, especially at the local level. They need our support too!

Voley Murcia has several sections in terms of age and this day I had the chance to shoot 2 of their matches: hopes and cadets, both female. You can imagine that the level of the game was still lower and it is very normal given the level. Even so, I saw some spectacular actions and I was happy to see potential in some of the players. The games had ups and downs in emotions and phases, which was perfect for my activity. And for the atmosphere.

What I liked about the atmosphere was that despite the public was rather short in number, the team players were encouraging the ones on the field y singing, shouting for encouragement, celebrating the winning points even in moments of low importance for the match’s development. I wish Romanian fans and spectators would create such an atmosphere too, especially since none of the actions were against the opponent team. Can you imagine no “boo-ing” at a match? Could it even cross your mind not to pour your frustrations on the referee? Yes, it is possible if you focus on the positive side and encourage your team.

It was the first time I was shooting these age categories as so far my focus was on seniors and occasionally on juniors. I have to say it is a bit different as the speed is not the same and the positions are not yet so developed. Even so I tried to surprise the game from all around the court as there was plenty of open space and no particular restrictions. Of course, I kept the safety distance for me and for the camera, yet I was closer to the game than I ever was in a seniors’ official competition.

As generally I am shooting the photos only or predominant of my team, this time I was aiming for both, following the ball’s movement from one side to the other. I went as well for individual portraits, group close-ups, serves, attacks or net actions. There were more than 2 months since I haven’t done it, yet the settings, action grabbing and portrait-following went smoothly.

The albums with the published photos can be found here and here.

We should join more the local teams’ games even if our kid or friend is not playing. It is exciting, I tell you!

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