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Enjoy the game! (II)

The second female volleyball match I attended was of the seniors from Voley Murcia against C. V. Valencia.

The game took more than 2 hours and the battle was fearless. I saw on both sides the strong will to win and the joy of every taken point. What I really liked are the passion for the game, the cheering songs and encouragements and the involvement of the parents, which are in the end, the number one fans. Perhaps it is the characteristic of the Spanish people that makes them act like this on the street, with friends or while playing a sport game. Regardless the reason, it feels great to be inside the hall even if the number of spectators is low.

I am still not yet used with the female volleyball as it is a bit different in the way the game flows, but I’m getting there. A wider photo selection can be checked here.

My advice remains the same: join more the local sport events. It has a great atmosphere, you’ll feel good and perhaps even more important you encourage the local sport to grow.

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