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EU no elevator day

All year long different activities happens around Europe under the movement of EU now we move: EU no elevator day, European Panna Tour, Inactivity Time Bomb, FlashMOVE, NowWeBike, European Fitness Day, EU week of Sport, Open Street Day, EU Sport Day in Schools and other as such, encourages European population to engage more in physical activities that would keep them healthy. The campaign started in 2012 with the aim of bringing the sport for all upfront raising awareness at the same time of the sport benefits,

You can find more about its campaigns here: www.nowwemove.com

Yesterday all around Europe was celebrated EU no elevator day, usually being at the end of April. As the current situation doesn’t quite allow us to do many events outside, the campaign changed the motto this year from “taking the stairs” to “using the stairs”.

I wanted to promote a bit more the fun part of staying at home which doesn’t always have to be about doing the typical physical activity. We’ve been flooded by home work outs videos in this period, yet I believe that if before people weren’t that much into doing exercises at home, it’s rather unlikely they’ll start it now (sadly, but yes). At least not in that way everyone is promoting.

I’ve gladly joined the initiative and came up with perhaps a different idea of how the stairs could be used: hopscotch. It is fun and might be seen as childish, but it’s definitely demanding in terms of physical activity. And if you add the stairs to it, you take the game to the next level. Literary.

We were not so many, but we did it. Here’s the result of our fun:

Try it out!

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