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Exchange in Miercurea Ciuc

In the last ten days we have had the opportunity to see what the experience of working with another organization is, and to discover new cities, and meet very interesting people. I will explain from my experience and opinion what I thought about this exchange and that I learned from it all.

The first night we only talked to the coordinator when he came to pick us up at the train station, but it was really late and we agreed to talk the next morning after having rested. But we still had a very good first impression, since they were very hospitable and we talked a little about the activities we would do during those days, and we noticed that they had our opinion very much in mind, which made us feel more comfortable and motivated.

As far as the city is concerned, we have been pleasantly surprised, since despite being much smaller than Baia Mare there is a lot of tranquility and the atmosphere is very pleasant. In addition, we had everything we need, restaurants and shops of all kinds and even many pubs and clubs to enjoy with the other volunteers.

The accommodation provided to us was in perfect condition and we felt very comfortable with everything. With us there was one more volunteer who was very nice to us and helped us in everything she could.

As for the activities we had no complaints, given that our opinion was taken into account and left us a lot of freedom to organize them in the way we liked the most. In addition, we have had the opportunity to work with very young children, which has been very rewarding for us since it was our first experience in something like that, and we really enjoyed spending time in such a positive environment.

And if I have to keep something and say what has been more pleasant for me, it is without a doubt the relationship with the organization, since we have felt very comfortable and valued. The coordinator has been very attentive and close with us, and even in our spare time we proposed plans so that we would not get bored and enjoy the time to the fullest during these weeks.

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