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Fell in love with cooking

I liked cooking, but I got fascinated by this art in Spain. Being alone, I was cooking only for myself, so I was allowed to make mistakes; no one would have minded it. I started step by step with my mom’s recipes, and after a while, I created mine.

Mint and chia cheesecake

I am more into baking. I use the oven a lot: as a healthier method of preparing the food. My favourite dish is the turkey tenderloin. I love it! I made it for Easter, and it was a delight.

Turkey tenderloin with oranges

I usually search for recipes online, but I am always adding or cutting some ingredients. Sometimes it works well, but not all the time. But this is how I learn and improve day by day. I started replacing the white flour with the integral one. I am making cakes with oat or rice flour. Instead of using white sugar, I add brown sugar, or dates, bananas, raisins (for natural sweetness). Because of this change, I am no longer into eating store-bought sweets.

Sugar-free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Another dish that I love is making pizza. Last time I made a broccoli and walnuts pizza which was delicious. I never thought about this combination, but I only had broccoli in the house. So, broccoli pizza! Yummy!

Also, banana bread is one of my favourites. Bananas represent an essential ingredient in my recipes. Initially, I was using them only in banana bread, but afterwards, I started adding them in carrot cakes, ice cream, biscuits, even in brownies.

Sugar-free vegan brownie with strawberries

My latest discovery is the layer cake. I love the texture and aspect. I like chocolate cream more, but last time I made a pumpkin cake with cream cheese, pumpkin jelly and chocolate. All those flavours were harmoniously combined. I loved it, and luckily, I can still enjoy one more piece!

Pumpkin cake with cream cheese, pumpkin jelly and chocolate

Even if you don't like cooking, it's important to keep an eye on your food intake.

Stay healthy!

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