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Finally getting in the game!

Stiinta Explorari will be disputing the first matches from the current edition of the A1 Division of Men's Volleyball, third and fourth stages, after the missed start of the championship, due to the ten Coronavirus cases in the lot.

Coach Marius Botea, statistician Rolland Balog and players Robert Tutea, Dragos Raileanu, Eduard Catrina, Sorin Dragomir, Andrei Butnaru, Yordan Zhelyazkhov, Laurean Crisan and Adrian Savoiu came out of isolation yesterday, November 18th. Also, the tests for the other volleyball players in the lot have seen negative results.

Today the team is doing the only two training before the Group 4 tournament, scheduled for Dej, where the Dinamo Bucharest and Unirea Dej will participate.

Group 4 Second Tournament Schedule (Dej, November 20-22nd):

  • CS Unirea Dej - CS Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare (Friday, November 20, at 18.00). Referes: Cristian Botezatu (Piatra Neamt) and Valentin Besoi (Ramnicu Valcea). FRV observer: Alexandru Muresan (Cluj-Napoca);

  • Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare - Dinamo Bucharest (Saturday, November 21, at 18). Referees: Valentin Besoi and Cristian Botezatu Observations. FRV: Al Muresan;

  • CS Unirea Dej - CS Dinamo Bucharest referee Botezatu and Valentin Besoi FRV Observatory: Al Muresan

Stiinta Explorari Baia Mare lost at the ′′green table′′ with 3-0 (25-0, 25-0, 25-0) the parties with CSU Stiinta Bucharest and the Universitatea Cluj-Napoca, which they should have played in the capital, in the first two stages. Even the Unirea Dej could not play, because of the new Coronavirus, the parties in Zalau with the Arcada Galati and SCM Zalau.

text source: www.stiintaexplorari.ro

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