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First contact with old Murcia, my new friend

As San Javier trip was already off, I woke up a bit later. We stayed in until afternoon, doing household chores, cooking and me, a bit of work.

For the afternoon we decided to go a bit around and see the city center, from which we are just 5 walking minutes away. But first, we went to check some bicycles. Going by tram to UCAM is ok, but cycling might be better, as Vio says. So we went to Cash Converters (second hand objects seller) ad checked the bikes there. We left empty handed, but with many information.

We then started walking towards the center. We didn't have a concrete plan, nor did we research in details what we were to see, we just wanted to have a walk. I'll go deeper presenting Murcia later, yet managed to see many place, including Plaza de Toros, where a still functional arena for bull hosts often bull shows, but also concerts and other type of events.

We were scared away by few drops of rain which initially seemed to become a little storm but turned out to be just like a small sprinkle, and also tiredness so we returned to home.

I have to say, the first contact with the old Murcia was nice. I still have many things to discover and I can't wait for that!

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