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First week, first impression

From the beginning everything was shown as an adventure to a new destination and a new place to adapt to. It began with a long trip from Valencia to Baia Mare, where I never imagined that I would go or even existed, it was a long journey and with a lot of waiting but full of much emotion.

After my arrival and a week in this new country and in a new city, I can say that it has broken with all the expectations and predispositions I had, of course everything for the better.

Romanian people are extremely friendly, always willing to help even if you can even communicate with them, an innate and little forced sympathy, all part of their cultural essence.

I have flatmates who regardless of their different nationalities have given me a space at home as one of their group, even leaving aside old discomforts among them, they are always willing to make me feel comfortable and happy, even including me in their circle of friends and their daily routines.

My progress with languages ​​is very fast, including speaking English in my daily life is important, I can see how in a short time I get along much better. Romanian is another challenge; also, I am not good with new languages ​​for that my progress is not immediately noticeable.

Sharing, knowing, walking and learning are part of my daily life in this small city. It is certainly a new opportunity to grow and contribute with new good ideas that can be carried out in this project, as it is to promote sports.

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