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Last Friday, on 26th June 2020, I visited the office of Europe Direct of Murcia Region. It sounds very fancy so let me tell you what it actually is: this is the place where you can get information about programme and funding opportunities from EU, for various fields and domains.

I joined the meeting with a representative of ACDC (Agrupacion Centro de Cultura), a student organisation from Murcia, interested in finding out more how can they expand their activities at the international level. Their activities are quite interesting as they activate not only in Murcia, but also have working points in the big university cities of Spain such as Granada, Malaga, Seville or Alicante and Valencia. In fact they cover even more.

The activities they do place in centre the students in courses, university parties, fairs and cultural workshops. You can check out their activities here: www.interuniversidad.es

I found the meeting coming to me at the right time as on Saturday, 26th June 2020 I held a presentation about EU funding opportunities, but more about this will be in another post.

Getting back to the meeting, we were hosted by Mr. Juan Antonio Iborra Lozano, the responsible officer for European projects, Relation Service with the EU, General Direction of EU, and with Mrs. Teresa Allepuz Ros, the manager of Europe Direct of Murcia Region.

The meeting took 2 hours and many, many information was given. I already had some knowledge about some of the programmes, yet I have to say there are many that I barely read about so far so I didn’t know much.

There are 34 topics on which you can ask for financing from 27 programmes. As you can see, there’s a lot of information to dig into. I will present in another post a bit deeper the programmes, yet feel free to go to www.europa.eu to find out more about the programmes that are interesting for you.

Billions of euro wait to be invested for growth and development. What are you waiting for?

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