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Guide for the first time

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to be a tour guide. At least for one day. Therefore, when my mentor told me that a group of students would come and need some tours I was thrilled.

“Yeees, I am ready, I am going to be their tour guide”. This was the first phase, the one when you’re happy and accept everything without thinking. After a while, I was a bit like “ooh, but I don’t know anything about the history of this city, about the buildings” (phase 2)…..”But this shouldn’t be a problem (phase 3)”. And it wasn’t!

Always embracing new experiences with enthusiasm. You don’t know much about the city you live in? Very bad…. Firstly, start doing some research, who knows what kind of wonderful things you may find. Secondly, wouldn't it be fascinating walking around those narrow streets and getting to know the story of those high imposing buildings which seem forgotten over time?

Murcia has some very beautiful buildings and some really interesting stories regarding them. I will give you more details in another article about the history of the city, what to do and where to go if you want to visit Murcia.

Now, let’s continue with the responsibility of being a tour guide. It was amazing, absolutely amazing. Mostly because I had a great group of funny, kind and beautiful people. I really hoped that they wouldn't ask too many questions (I know, I was a “very well prepared” guide) and they didn’t! They were very sweet and enjoyed all of my stories (at least, that is what they said).

The first visit was to the university. There, I showed them around the campus, the beautiful monastery and the most fabulous panoramic view.

Then, we went to the city centre and admired the lovely streets, Cathedral of Murcia (whose tower is the second tallest in Spain - 95 m; in Seville, you find the tallest - 105 m), Romea Theatre - an impressive building with a very interesting legend - and ended the tour with a walk along the river.

Next destination: Cartagena. A small, but charming town with a long history. There, I took them to my favorite place which is Castillo de la Concepción (Conception Castle). The view is breathtaking. You can see the sea, the hills, and peacocks that are surrounding you while the sun is gently caressing your skin.

It’s stunning how each time you go to visit a place you discover something new depending on the people you are with. Although I have been there before, that time was different because of the energy brought by the people who were with me. Also, I had the great honor to be the photographer of our small trip and I was rewarded with happiness and laughter.

Thereby, my childhood dream of being a tour guide came true. And I am happy to see that this project is giving me the opportunity to meet amazing people and to live astonishing experiences.

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