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Hajdunanas Tournament

Hajdunanas is a city in Hungary, of which I had never heard of its existence before, however, the experience of being a volunteer allowed me to attend two beach volleyball tournaments in this place.

Just getting to this city is an experience, although I love travelling by car since it allows you to observe the roads, fields, and towns. In each tournament arriving at the place was very different, however, I keep the last one in which the climate was a great advantage since the radiant sun was the perfect company for the road and thus the large fields of sunflowers that can be seen all the way.

For the first tournament, at the end of June, the weather was quite bad with a lot of rain, which made it difficult not only for games to be played but also for me to take photos. While for the second tournament, the weather was much kinder at first, a radiant sun that left more than one with a good tan.

Both tournaments were quite good, with different levels of beach volleyball, however, it was not only an opportunity to get to know another city, another country, but also another language that is not at all similar to Spanish or English and is very hard to understand.

Also, meet players from other countries, and share different experiences and always find someone who speaks Spanish.

In general, these two trips were great experiences, to get to know not only a new city but new people and culture, not only Hungarian but also Romanian. And to work and improve in photography.

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