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Hospitable organisation in Miercurea Ciuc

It was 01:48 when we arrived in the quiet, tiny city - Miercurea Ciuc. The city was 3rd city in Romania that I was visiting. We were welcomed very kindly and hosted very warmly. In the morning we had time to discover the city. The city center was so close to our apartment because of being in a tiny city. At the night we sat in an Italian restaurant to have dinner. Inside the restaurant there has been created very awesome Italian environment. I appreciated it.

On the next day we met some people from Y.E.S (Young Europe Society) organization and the local community. We sat in a pub, talked a lot and had fun. On the next day we went to archery. It was the first time that I was experiencing this. That time we met a new person who works in an organization. His name was Pali Baci (Rancz Pavel), who was teaching us the right method to keep the bow and the arrow if we want to aim correctly. Despite the fact that he was a 70 years old man, he was so strong. In the beginning that was a little bit hard then I was used to shoot correctly. After finishing our archery he hosted us to have a dinner and invited to go hiking. The hiking was the 2nd thing I had never experienced in my life but did it in Romania.

From the 3rd day we started to do our activities. We woke up at 5 AM to go to a mountainous village school. Ms. Andreea came to our flat to pick us up at 6 AM and after 5 minutes we set off. After 2 hours we arrived at the school. We met lots of nice pupils at the school who were motivated to do all activities. Besides, the thing that was motivating us was having loads of materials to contribute to the project with and warm relations towards us. After an hour we did our activities in another class in the same school. The next day we had days off, so we decided to discover the nearest cities such as Băile Tușnad and Brașov.

On Monday we set off to another village school that had 6 pupils. The pupils were so perfect and they enjoyed the time with us a lot. The thing that they liked the most was the game with balloons and bubbles. After finishing our tasks we walked around the village and came back. The children were so energized and after coming home we were so tired. The next day we went to another town to talk about our volunteering experience and had a presentation of ESC volunteering programmes for Erasmus participants. After the On Arrival Training talking in front of more than 60 people became very easy. It was the second time presenting something but this time I was so self-confident. After 2 hours we went hiking on big mountains. That was a great experience and it took 3-4 hours. All my muscles hurt for 3 days.

The next day we had very interesting day. We met the prefect of Harghta region. Talking to him about our “Volleyball Is not rocket science. We are!” project and having the volunteer swap with Y.E.S organization took 15 minutes. That was a perfect experience to talk with an authority of the government.

On the last day we went to nearest school, met new pupils and did some activities, and played football with them.

To conclude with, I appreciated organization’s outdoor materials, colleagues, relations between coordinator and volunteer, but also having connections with lots of school.

You can see our experience from the following photos. Thanks to Yellow Shirt Association and Y.E.S organization for doing such an awesome volunteer swap programme.

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