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How I started eating healthier because of volunteering

‘Tips for a healthier life’ was my campaign to promote a healthier life. I have made six promotional flyers of different topics: chia seeds, oats, tapioca, quinoa (made by my friend), drinking water and spinach.

My mom used chia seeds in yoghurt, but I didn’t know how healthy they were until I started this activity. Now, I am making pudding and cheesecake out of chia, and the taste is super delicious, not to mention that they’re also super healthy. Also, I started making the chia pudding with water, but after a while, I started using all types of milk or yoghurt blended with fruits, adding natural sweetness.

Chia pudding with banana and digestive biscuits.

Chia pudding with strawberries.

Then, the oatmeal …. what a wonderful product! I remember once when a friend gave me some oats soaked with water and honey, and that was all. I didn't like the taste, so my mind continued to associate the oatmeal with that flavourless memory. One day, though, I was like 'okay, let's try this', and it was delicious. Since then, I have eaten oats almost every day. Carrot cake oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal pancakes. Oats everywhere!

Oatmeal biscuits

Oatmeal with strawberries, banana and seeds.

Quinoa...I heard so much about it; therefore, it was the moment to try it. Quinoa is a whole grain, so it has the endosperm, bran, and germ. This thing means that quinoa provides more vitamins, minerals, and fibre than refined grains like white rice. Therefore, I started to cook quinoa with vegetables, meat, and it was very filling and healthy. I have to try some quinoa desserts (quinoa with milk is on the list).

Also, even healthy products may harm you (if you have any allergies or illnesses). So, it is always good to be informed about both the advantages and disadvantages of any product.

Stay healthy!

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