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How to live with other volunteers and not die trying?

This is not a manual and I am not an expert in collective living, I can recommend some tips that are useful for me and the experience of living with many other people with different ideas and cultures and lifestyles.

Although I am the newest person in the house, I have to adapt to the dynamics that previously existed in the house. However, I cannot complain since I have 4 good flatmates who from day one made me feel comfortable and at home, although like everything, nothing is perfect, and although once again we have differences, the important thing is always to talk.

We will always get along better with one person than with another, this does not mean that this is wrong, but perhaps you share more things in common or you intend to make you closer to these partners.

You should lean on these friends, sharing time and activities is always fun and finding that balance point with everyone at home is ideal.

Maybe with some you like to share series and movies, with others you enjoy sharing time to exercise, or as simple as walking and taking a walk through the streets of the city. Always finding those aspects in common that you have with your colleagues is important for conviction.

Although interpersonal relationships are important, it is also to develop this bond collectively, not only doing activities with one or two people but also sharing with all the people who are at home at the same time, perhaps with a day of cultural exchange and sharing meals from each of their countries, or play a board game.

There will always be differences and uncomfortable situations, especially in the quarantine season in which you have to live for so many hours with the same people without being able to do different things, but it is also allowed to take your time for yourself, do activities just for you and where you feel comfortable without any company.

It is always important to talk and discuss the differences you have with your colleagues that will make them observe their weak and strong points of each one and thus share better at each moment. The important thing is to enjoy good company in this time where we cannot leave home.

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