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How to travel around Romania

Romania is a fairly safe and pleasant country to get around on a personal and unorganized trip. Of course, as in all countries there are places where you do not have to enter, but if Romania stands out for something, it is because of the kindness and concern of the Romanians, who generally welcome visitors with great affection, and especially to the Spanish. Paradoxes of life since in Spain sometimes it is not treated with as much deference, respect and kindness to Romanians. Travel to learn!

We have traveled through Romania by car, by train, by bus, and always without problems. Public transport (train, bus, metro) is very useful between big cities and the main tourist sites. It is no longer interesting when we are the ones who want to set the pace and the stops of our journey. In that case, we recommend the rental car.

Despite the image of Romania in some countries, the truth is that it is a territory with a multitude of interesting places to visit. But I did not know that, it was when I got here and started talking to the other volunteers, that I began to discover all the possibilities that this country offered me. To make matters worse, at first, I was more scared when traveling through a country like this, since I thought it was dangerous, and also did not speak the language.

However, my perception changed later, when I made the first trip to Bucharest in my On Arrival Training, where I had to cross the entire country by train. It was there that I realized how easy it was to move by train through Romania, it was also there that I realized how slow Romanian trains are. That is why, if you plan to do a route in a few days, it is more advisable to rent a car, as I have said before. Another advantage of this nation is its low prices compared to other countries in Europe, so it also applies to transport and accommodation.

On the other hand, it is possible that you are also a volunteer like me in Romania, and therefore that you do not have a large budget to make your trips. Well, do not worry since you have many options to lower the costs of your travels in this country. Starting with transportation, hitchhiking is very common, and if you have a little patience and luck it is more than likely that the odd car will stop and take you closer to your destination. I have only had good experiences hitchhiking, but obviously, you always have to be careful and know how to analyze each situation separately. As far as accommodation is concerned, the cheapest options respectively are Couchsurfing, hostels and Airbnb. If you can book a Couchsurfing in time, you will not only sleep for free but you will meet local people who can advise you on your trips.

To finish I leave you a link that allows you to see all the transport options from one point to another in Romania. But if you want to know more precise schedules, I recommend that you check the official page of the Romanian trains or buses.


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