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Mid-Term Alejandro

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

This experience has been a great help to stay strong until the end of my volunteering, because I was very demotivated and I have been able to realize many things in just 4 days. Four days that have been intense, fun, curious and above all, necessary.

This trip starts by spending 13 hours on a train, enough time to turn your thoughts around and around, which may seem like a good thing, but at that time it wasn't, I needed to stop thinking a little and focus on other things. However, after the trip we arrived in Sinaia and I was surprised by the atmosphere of the city. That day we just had to have dinner at the hotel, because the activities started the next morning, but it was enough to see friends who really wanted to see and catch up.

Honestly, my expectations about the activities were not very high, because I expected something similar to arrival training, and I didn't really want to repeat the same thing. But to my surprise everything turned out to be much more introspective and personal, the activities focused on how we felt during our experience in Romania, how we felt right now, and everything that had changed in ourselves from the beginning.

The activities have helped me to put my problems in perspective and know how to value better the good things that I have, and this is because I have been able to get out of that bubble in which I was in Baia Mare. I have talked to many people, I have listened to their points of view, I have listened to their concerns, and all this has been very useful to clarify my ideas, I have also realized that many times we lock ourselves in with the same people and tend to think that everything around us is the same, but of course is not like this. Going out, discovering, knowing and feeling is not bad and helps us to know each other better.

It is also true that meeting people in this mid-term has been more complicated. On the one hand, I was not very predisposed for it, and on the other hand people already have friends from their cities and their projects, which makes it more difficult for them to open up to totally new people. Still I have met wonderful people with whom I have connected a lot, and from which I have learned a lot.

Now I am much more motivated to follow this for three months that I have left in Romania, and to enjoy people to the fullest and make me feel myself, that is, to make me feel happy.

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