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Mid term experience

6 months. Already 6 months passed from our volunteering life. Now it is time to take part in a Mid-term training. Sounds so exciting. Seeing new people, making new friendships, joining new activities, the most important thing visiting new city in Romania - Sinaia. However, leaving Baia Mare at 05:05 AM in the morning, in a cold train during 2 hours it faced us with new challenges. After 13 hours here we are in Sinaia. After arriving to this clean, mountainous, amazing city we thought it was worth to come 13 hours from Baia Mare here. At 6 PM we arrived at hotel and after 2 hours we had a dinner. As we finished dinner, we went to a pub to know each other better, so next day we were going to be in some groups.

1st day of training. Every training day was separated into 3 sessions. Between sessions we had coffee breaks that lasted 30 minutes. We took papers and read our tasks, we tried to do them on time. Some of the tasks were setting basic rules for group, writing down 20 inspiring moments in Romania, writing the “hello” words in languages of people in the group. After training we rest and at night we chilled with the volunteers.

2nd day of training also was perfect. Everyone talked about their project, described that in front of volunteers. Another interesting task was discussing house or any problem which we had during the project and getting advice from people. Last task of training was visiting city, making questions, taking photo and giving explanations to those photos.

3rd and last day. We shared some photos that we had taken during city tour. We sent our questions to WhatsApp group and explained them by answers with photos. In the end we talked about Youth Pass certificate and made some competitions between each other.

Next day. Time to leave the hotel. At first we were a little bit sad, because of not having training, on the other hand we were a little bit happy. Therefore, we got a chance to visit other cities and historical places. First I visited Pelișor castle, then Peleș castle. In my opinion Peleș castle was one of the best historical places I had ever seen. Perfect arts, weapons had been preserved perfectly.

Next day we set off to Râșnov city. There we also visited the medieval castle of the city and got information about it. After Râșnov we went to Brașov to sleep in a hostel to go to Bran castle the next day. After waking up, we had breakfast on foot and went to Bran city. Bran city was another touristic place of Romania. We visited the castle, then I bought some souvenirs from shops. We hitchhiked to go to Brașov again to take our luggage to set off to Baia Mare. At 11 PM we arrived at train station, after 10 hours we were in Baia Mare.

In conclusion, we gained very nice positive feeling to work in our project and doing activities.

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