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Updated: May 31, 2020

Being eager to find out and understand more about the regional athletes, I started to research about past and present famous athletes of Murcia region. I came upon quite a lot of information so I decided to see more about those with great national and international results.

The list is yet open and with no intention to leave anyone out, I have chosen 27 athletes, with both known and perhaps not so known results.

If you’re asking yourself what the material is about, I’ll help you out with a sneak peak: you’ll find a short compendium with their names, birth date and sport, some information about their sport career and great results.

I’d conclude my research by asking you if you knew that…

  • the majority of the athletes are for variations of cycling, aspect which is not so surprising given the landscape of the region

  • coincidently or not, many of cyclists of the region have passed away in traffic accidents, some at very early ages

  • the most articles were about footballers (75)

  • the individual sports seem to have more greater results than the team ones

  • the earliest data is from a player born in 1917 (basketball), while the youngest is from 2003 (tennis)

For a travel in the sport world of Murcia I’m inviting you to discover the rest by yourself, by checking the brochure here.

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