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Never forget your inner child!

1st of June! What a lovely day! That is when we celebrate Children's Day in Romania. However, Spanish people have this holiday on the 15th of April (except for Madrid - 2nd of May). Luckily, the conditions were less restrictive, so we were able to go out and have fun as kids do.

We had everything: rope, paper, balls, music and most important: lots of energy. I have made a list of games including:

- Rock, Paper, Scissors

- Hopscotch

- Jump-Rope

- Freeze dance

- Hot or cold

- Paper airplanes & boats

- Volleyball

- Blind Man’s Buff

- Hide and seek

- The ducks and the hunters

So, we had plenty of games to play! And so we did! It was amazing! The atmosphere was magical. We made paper boats and then went to launch them in a small fountain (we took them back, we’re eco-friendly). We also made a jumping rope competition regarding who could jump more. That was funny, even though we were all grown-ups, we could still see that some people got mad when they lost. Haha, some things never change, right?

Also, we designed some extraordinary planes. They took off instantly! My favourite game remains the ducks and the hunters. I loved this game since childhood. It’s so energetic, and the laughter is guaranteed!

All in all, we had a great time and photos could tell.

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