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On Arrival Training

When I applied to project I had noticed some trainings in the description. But, when a person does not participate in that they cannot describe his feelings about trainings.

My roommate and I went together to training on the same day. We were so lucky that while going to Bucharest there was no person in the couchette except us. It was like a VIP and private couchette J We arrived in Bucharest at 7 o’clock in the morning. We were told that check out would start at 12 o’clock and check in at 2 pm. To spend our time we walked, ate something to wait the check in time. After spending time and here we are. Room, sweet room. We were delighted to come to Bucharest and excited to start our trainings.

Trainings started at 09.30 o’clock. At the breakfast we were served different kind of meals. That was perfect for every volunteer that no one needed to cook or prepare some meals for the breakfast.

During the trainings trainers was kind and was explaining everything word by word. At every part of trainings we had coffee break with delicious cookies, sweet things, fruits, coffee, etc. Honestly, for me there was not anything to complain about that.

Undoubtedly, training for everyone was impressive. Every person made new friends from different nationalities, absorbed new skills. Hotel staff was very kind towards us. During the activities we enjoyed, learned something about Romanian history, some basic rules in community, etc. Whenever I was seeing new different things that never had seen in my country I was taking photos.

The most excited moment in the training for me was representing my country and some culture in front of more than 90 people. I felt that as if inside my body had appeared fire from excitement and ears were burning from same reason J But that was a great experience and an honorable day. Before that day I had not slept until 4 AM and was preparing my presentation and speech. In my opinion the week past faster than ever. I miss my training days and all the people. Under this article you can see some photos from training.

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