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Peaceful Miercurea Ciuc

Somewhere between the Carpathians mountains there is a small city called Miercurea Ciuc or Csíkszereda in Hungarian language, since the majority of its citizens are from Hungarian ethnicity. It was very interesting to find such kind of place in Romania, where the people, the stores, the places have Hungarian names and the restaurant menus are presented in three languages - Hungarian, Romanian and English.

The purpose of this trip was to make an exchange with other volunteers from another organization who switched places with us for a period of ten days. During this time we had the chance to work for another NGO where we went to three different schools and prepare activities and games for four different classes. It was challenging to learn and do didactic games with the kids of various ages (especially from 4 to 10 years old) as we had only experience making activities with students from 9th and 10th grades. We took this as an opportunity to develop and create new activities using the materials from the organization which were many and diverse.

Apart from the school activities we also had the chance to make a short presentation about the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme in an exchange - structure dialogue (under Key Action 3) organized by the same NGO, where we explained the benefits of the programme and shared our experience as volunteers to a huge group of participants from different countries. It was quite exciting to talk about our perspective as a volunteer and also to answer questions about the program as some of the participants were very interested and might join the ESC in the future.

During these ten days we did many activities with students in schools, met teachers and received support from them, brought non-formal games to their classes; learned new creative activities and contributed with our little experience, most importantly we felt very motivated to learn and to share what we knew as the environment was great and inviting us to do our best.

We also visited the peaceful city and the surrounding mountains, hence the title of this article. Miercurea Ciuc is located in a privileged place for nature lovers, specifically mountain lovers, the air is fresh, it was not so cold, the people were nice, the organization and volunteers welcomed us really well and I would be happy to visit again someday, maybe that time see a real bear.

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