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Podcast: Budi Wu (part 2)

The 20th episode of our podcast is here! Today our volunteer, Andreea, continues the talk with Budi Wu about experiences in national and international sport events as a volunteer.

Budi shares with us the importance of getting involved in the local and national events, the sport events he would like to work in, the position he would like to do there, the ways technology helps the organisation of events and sport themselves, what it takes to organise a great event.

He also shared a bit about the places he visited during the international events, the next event he is preparing to volunteer for – Tokyo 2020 - and the role there, the benefits he gained all this time through sports, the competences he developed all this time and how these can help you at the working place, what are you offered as a volunteer in return for the work you do.

To end with, Budi told us how to attract more people to volunteering and in sports in particular, where to find the volunteering opportunities, reasons to volunteer in sport despite the potential costs you may have, and last, but not least, an encouragement to allow yourself to try it.

The full episode with more information can be followed here:

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