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Podcast: competences gained from sports

The 23rd episode of the Yellow Shirts podcast about sport is about the competences and lessons you can learn from practicing sports.

Sports have to offer more than just an active lifestyle and movement. They give you life lessons and make you stronger and prepared for the professional environment also.

The first 20 chosen competences are:

  • Self-care, lifestyle healthy

  • Team work and relationships

  • Concentration and focus

  • Motivation

  • Self-discipline

  • Following rules

  • Improve constantly

  • Adversity

  • Handling pressure

  • Confidence

  • Leadership

  • How to follow

  • Responsibility

  • Time management

  • Team spirit

  • Competition

  • Dealing with authority

  • Managing conflict

  • Winning management

  • Loosing management

The full episode with more information can be followed here:

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