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Podcast: Tudor Marta

The 9th episode of the Yellow Shirts podcast about sport hosted another guest, Tudor Marta, an ex-handball player that now enjoys his time with his family and is involved in entrepreneurship.

Tudor told us about his decision to practice handball and the benefits sports brought him, the best moment of his player career and the feeling to be part of that experience, the differences between the daily routine he had as an athlete and the one he has now and a bit of inside storied from the athlete’s life and what he misses now.

We slowly moved towards his current career and we talked about his preparation for the life after sport, about his sport agency and the athletes he represents, about the restaurant he owns and the way Corona challenged him in business.

An important part of Tudor’s life nowadays is the Baia Mare Beach Handball Challenge competition he launched and organized yearly since 2016, which unfortunately this year cannot take place as planned. However, Tudor shares his impressions on the 2019 edition when Baia Mare hosted the finals of the European inter-club championship and the plans for future.

The full episode with more information can be followed here:

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