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Yesterday I had again the chance to present largely the funding programme, European Solidarity Corps, among Spanish youth workers from all around the country. This meeting was organised with the support of ACDC as well.

I have to say that when I got the invitation to talk about our project and about the funding opportunity I was expecting anything but a maximum of 76 participants from Canary Islands to Balearic Islands, from Andalucía to Asturias.

The meeting in whole was for about 1 hour and a half. I started with the presentation I previously prepared for ACDC in terms of volunteering situation in Romania, about volunteering programmes and opportunities, about European Solidarity Corps in more details and of course, about our project “Volleyball is not rocket science. We are!”.

As I was sharing the information questions started to arise and the interest grew more and more. I was definitely not prepared for the avalanche of questions that came out but sharing my experience along with offering the resources for the official information pleased everyone present.

We discussed all the doubts concerning the accreditation process and application form, roles and responsibilities of the coordinating and supporting organisations, expectations of volunteers and meeting with the organisations’ ones, how is to structure the schedule of work in advance, how to adapt the local needs to the programme’s and many, many others.

I have to say I was really impressed by the number of people present and more than that by the amount of raised questions. I saw a lot of desire to work to change the local communities and will to bring the interventions is needed there, at each grassroots community level.

There might be just 1 deadline in October from the current programme (2018-2020), but for sure it will bring more applications than before. Or I sure hope so.

PS: Here are the materials about my presentation:

And if you are interested in more, here’s a presentation about other EU funding as well:

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